New clients, and even clients who've had readings before, often wonder what to expect from a reading, so here is my guide to help you prepare, to help you get the most value from your time with me. Firstly, click the link below which will take you to a YouTube video so you get a feel for how a reading might go.


YouTube - example of a general reading

No Need to be Nervous 19

When you arrive for your reading, please try not to be overly nervous or worried about what you might hear. I absolutely do NOT, under any circumstances, give dire predictions. If you have previously had a bad experience with a Tarot Reader or Psychic who has told you something very distressing, please be assured my readings are constructive and not destructive, I will always look for the positive in any reading.

I am compassionate and sensitive to your feelings and will not judge or condemn - even if you think your problem is so awful that you're embarrassed to talk about it. I'm pretty much unshockable and I've heard many unusual and extreme situations in the course of reading for people over the years. We all make mistakes and we all mess up from time to time because we are human and adversity is, sadly, unavoidable. You are completely normal.

A Two Way Process

It may surprise you to learn that a Tarot Reading is a two way process. I can and often do ask questions during a reading and look for your involvement in the Reading. This helps the cards to give up more information and thus we can focus on your very unique issues which go beyond the scope of the general meanings of the cards. 

The best readings are those where the sitter has come with an idea of the questions they'd like answers to. Sometimes I get a sitter who is "just curious" or doesn't have anything they want to ask about. These readings tend to be very short as it's true to say that if your life is going pretty well at the moment then not much will come out of a reading. Tarot works very well if you are looking for guidance on a relationship, work, family etc

If you are hoping to be impressed with "magic tricks" and try to test me to see if I can read your mind or see into your life then this may not be the service for you. I have had clients who stare at me blankly with folded arms waiting to be amazed at my psychic powers - but please remember this is unsettling for me and rather unfriendly! My card reading abilities are very much enhanced if I feel I have made a positive connection with the client. This does not mean, however, telling me everything up front - conversely, I would rather not know anything about you first when I do my General Reading at the start.

Realistic Predictions - Not Wild ones

07I will be honest in what I see and will not give false hopes in order to keep you happy - therefore, please be aware that if your question is highly emotive such as "is my ex partner coming back to me?" you may not receive the answer you want. When it comes to reigniting a love affair, I find that generally it doesn't happen and even if it does it tends not to last - you cannot control someone else's free will. That is speaking from experience of reading over the years. I think that if a relationship fails then there was a reason for that and, as hard as it is to accept, it probably just wasn't meant to be even if you are convinced it was!

I do feel very sad for the heartbroken and hate to see what appears to be very obvious games which are played by the absent party which lead my sitters to feel there is a crumb of hope. I had a sitter recently who got quite upset when I was unable to confirm that there would be a happy reunion with an ex lover - the sitter said to me "but the other tarot reader I saw yesterday told me we'd get back together everything would be fine and we'd get married within the year".

Well, maybe so, but I couldn't see it and I feel that such wild predictions raise hope which can only be dashed to a devastating degree - perhaps a wee bit irresponsible? Listening to the sitter's story, this was an abusive and controlling relationship which she was well out of. It did also occur to be that if the she had been convinced by the first reader she wouldn't have come to me for confirmation. I also felt the sitter was very depressed and urged her to seek medical advice.

No Go Areas

Questions I am reluctant to answer are those concerning chronic or serious illness - please act on your doctor's advice and in addition have some holistic therapies if you wish - a tarot reading does not provide a cure. I will not answer questions on prognoses or predict outcomes in such circumstances. 

I am also highly reluctant to answer questions concerning fertility. This is a medical issue again and highly emotive - it puts me into a very awkward position. If the question is "when will I get pregnant?" or "will this round of IVF work?" I'm inclined not to give a prediction either way due to huge hope or huge disappointment. This is really about my sense of responsibility and what is suitable for tarot or what's suitable for the doctor.

Magic Dust

People often come to see me wanting reassurance the future will be ok but what some don't realise is that they can control what happens in their lives to a certain extent. What a minority of clients want is to be told everything will work out fine – that they don’t need to do a thing in order to achieve this, it's almost as though they perceive a Tarot Reading acts like magic dust sprinkled over their problems for an effortless, positive outcome. I do appreciate that we don’t always want to face reality - we've all been there - it's hard to let ourselves see things as they really are. Don't worry, it's normal to be like this sometimes. But, like everything else in life, if it's worth having, it's worth working for. The cards just point the way - it's up to you to fix what can be fixed and let go of what can't.

I will always try to look for practical solutions to your issues with help from the cards. I have found both personally and through readings there are no short cuts to what we want in life. The greatest satisfaction is when we achieve a goal through effort and hard work it's how we learn best. Are you being carried with the river in an unstoppable flow or are you swimming against the current? Either way, it can feel like we are out of control which is often very frightening.

The Structure of the Reading

So...the process is like this; I start with a general spread to see what comes up - it's not always what you think it might be. There can be one overall theme, such as your relationship, or it can throw up a number of different and apparently unconnected areas of your life, however, there is usually a link somewhere down the line.

As I conclude the general spread, I do further spreads so that we can then focus on the issues you would like to explore. For example, if you are thinking of changing your job but are worried about what might happen if you do, then this is the time during the reading to look at that. 

Readings last approximately 40-45 minutes but can go on longer. If you feel you will need an hour with me, please do let me know beforehand. I do like my clients to feel they have had value for their hard earned money and I know from experience how disheartening it is to feel only half your questions are answered before being shoveled out the door!

I would ask that if you cannot make your appointment for any reason (you are not required to give a reason!!), please just let me know so that it frees up the appointment for someone else.

Overall, I do want people to know what they are to expect before they come for a reading as happy sitters are my goal, happy sitters make me happy too.