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Learn Tarot With Me - Online Course

If you are unable to get to me for the Weekend Workshop then my online course is a perfect solution. My course covers all the aspects covered in my Tarot Workshops only in a different format. In this comprehensive course I take you through the history of Tarot, how to choose and take care of your deck and then go through the meanings plus other interpretive techniques and I show you various spreads to use as well. The format of the course is a mix of presentations, downloadable pages (pdfs) and also quizzes and exercises designed to test your knowledge.


That learning the meanings of the cards is only one aspect of learning Tarot? There are other interpretive techniques which can really help: numerology, astrology, colour etc.

There are 53 Lessons in total, comprising: 2 hours 10minutes of presentations, a total of 58 Quiz questions, 11 downloadable pdfs and seven Test Yourself exercises.

To see the course curriculum in full and access the free preview lessons, please click here...

 If you need any further information, contact me now on: 07791 287 240