Email Tarot Report

Find clarity in your life with a personally written email Tarot report

laptop1I put a lot into my reports, each of them written personally by me (these are NOT generated by software). I offer you an honest and detailed response with a quick turnaround time.

Email reports are suitable for:

1) Burning Question/s

For example "will my ex come back to me?" This is where you are not necessarily in control of a situation and, please be aware I'll give it to you straight - it might not be a yes! I'll tell you what I see but in a positive and constructive way.

2) Problem Solving

I offer insightful and considered responses which not only look at your issues directly but help you identify patterns of past events so that you can take control of your life and change your future. 

Click here to see an example of a Tarot Reading Report

Why Have an Email Reading?

The big advantage of en email reading is that you don't need to visit me in person - you can just submt your question/s along with your payment from the comfort of your own home.

You will receive approx 800-1000 word (per question) pdf report via email - I have a fast turn around time and can mostly get an answer to you within 24 hours. This is not always possible however due to how busy I am doing readings, so please be patient. I know you are looking for a quick response and aim to get back as soon as I possibly can.

One Question for £40:

Two Questions for 50:

To Get the Most Out of Your Reading

DO: Be precise and include some detail as to what is going on with you. It doesn't have to be an essay but it'll help keep me focused on your unique issues.

DONT: Send a short, monosyllabic question e.g. "Will I find love soon?" A bit more detail/background gets you a much, much more detailed, specific answer and real value for your money - it's in your interest!