Hi, I'm Emma and I have been reading Tarot cards for well over 30 years and as a self employed Tarot reader for the past 10 years. At first this was in conjunction with my career in industry, but now I am fully self employed as a Tarot reader and as an artist.

I bought my first set of Tarot Cards, Tarot de Marseilles way back in the late 1970s and attitudes towards Tarot have certainly changed a great deal since then. When I was 20 I bought my second set, the Tarot of the Cat People and these are the cards I still use over 30 years later in all my readings as they have lasted me well and I am enormously attached to them. Having said that, I have designed my own set of Tarot cards which you will see scroll across the Home Page and in "Card of the Day" and in my new "Tarot App" which is a free download.

At first I read the cards for myself and then for my friends and family and gradually for customers. As I progressed in experience, I found it next to impossible to read for myself and also my close friends and family as it can be difficult to be truly objective. I know too much about my own life and theirs and this will always influence the interpretations. Thus, reading for strangers is far easier as I have no preconceived ideas about their lives and have to rely on my intuition and my experience of the information revealed in the cards that they choose.

The one thing which cannot be gained overnight is the experience of working with a wide range of people to deliver tactful, sensitive and responsible readings which deliver great insight and help the person to move forwards in their lives. Thus, I have learned over the years that Tarot is not just fortune telling, but counselling. For the happiest of people never really feel the need to consult a reader about their future, only those who are faced with something of great importance to them, something that is causing them to be 'stuck' in some way in their lives.

So...Apart from my extensive tarot reading experience, what qualifies me to understand other peoples' problems?

Well...I've had a very diverse career in industry. I have worked extensively in finance, in education, in retail even horticulture. I've worked in a range of companies, from tiny to multinational. I've been a director in a firm of stockbrokers and I've washed pots in a school kitchen. This diversity enables me to understand work and career issues that frequently arise in readings. 

Family and relationships is also a subject which comes up extensively in Tarot readings; on that score I also have much experience. I am a parent to two daughters (now adult) and, in the past, I have have known the trauma of divorce and two subsequent abusive and controlling relationships as well as briefly facing the prospect of homelessness. But through all this I have survived.

I do believe that the real lows in life and well as the triumphs have given me huge insight to problems faced by others and it has taught me how to empathise with people and, above all, listen without judging. 

Helping people to face these life's challenges with confidence is just one of the wonderful privileges of reading Tarot.